Stockholm based writer and director – Michael Bekele

Flower Studio is a Stockholm based creative studio, with its roots in visual communication and story telling rendering (creative & art) direction and (copy & script) writing services. Since establishment in 2017 there has been a continuous effort to develop and adapt to ever changing landscapes.

The result of not shying away from thinking and doing is the ongoing completion of an eclectic variety of projects within the creative sphere. What always remains is the eagerness and hunger for necessary and relevant ideas.


Flower thrives most under collaborations. More than that, collaborations of different intellects, perspectives and skillsets are essential to the studio's work. If you are a former or current comrade, then receive many thanks! If you are a possible future one, then welcome!

Flower Studio
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Let's grab that coffee!

Hi! It's good, summer's here, that old friend.

Coming slowly out of summer vacation. Summer to me is wakeful hibernation and here I am blinking my eyes at the sun.Gonna get back to developing two scripts that got picked up a couple of months ago.

Hmm, otherwise? The short film I've been working for the last two years is finally in the can. Can you believe it? Yeah, it feels good, very happy with the result. I hope you'll like it too.

Oh, and I'll actually be studying now too, a course in script writing. It's one and a half years and the name of the course is the same as my ex's, Alma. Let's see what that will mean.

Oh, you gotta go? Good luck with your therapy and taxes!

Yes, talk soon! Say hi to my future self, won't you?