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Flower Studio is a creative studio, with its roots in visual communication and story telling. Since establishment in 2017 there has been a continuous effort to develop and adapt to ever changing landscapes.

The result of not shying away from thinking and doing has been the completion of an eclectic variety of projects within the creative sphere. What always remains is the eagerness and hunger for necessary and relevant ideas.


Flower thrives most under collaborations. More than that, collaborations of different intellects, perspectives and skillsets are essential to the studio's work. If you are a former or current comrade, then receive many thanks! If you are a possible future one, then welcome!

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RSI – Visual Identity and Website
Rindö Marine - Identity & Web Design
HEGU - Identity & Packaging Design
KitchenTime - Brand Identity
Design S – Visual Identity
Artby – Visual Identity & Web Design
Norteam – Corporate Identity

Founded by Stockholm Exergi, Lantmännen, Södra and EFO, the Responsible Shipping Initiative aims to improve working and environmental conditions in the North and Baltic Sea bulk shipping industry.

A visual identity, complete messaging strategy, and a fully dynamic website were developed after a series of workshops and interviews with our clients. Our collaborative design process was highly valuable when defining a clear strategic direction for the Initiative.

To establish RSI as the way that people refer to Responsible Shipping Intiative, we created a bold and stand-out lettermark to ensure recognition and clarity. The organic shapes of the letterforms and the way they animate references water and the sea. Authority and transparency were key words for the treatment of copy, typography, layout grids and photography.

Visual Identity and web design for wharf, maritime industrial area and design studio Rindö Marine. The identity takes its starting point in the letters R and M, meeting the blue water and grey concrete that surrounds it.

The simplistic typography and functional grid-structure of the webpage is founded in the no-nonsense attitude under which Rindö Marine operates. Everything is easy to find - and easy to use.

We created a simple, user friendly back-end where any type of content is easy to add or edit by the client directly on a smartphone while out working.

HEGU is the largest vendor of acupuncture needles in the Nordics. After a change in ownership the ambition was to conquer and re-define the acupuncture market.

An essential part of this strategy was to establish a clear brand and market position, which so far has not been claimed by any other competitor. A company wide workshop quickly made clear what the essentials of the HEGU brand would be: a medical and trustworthy expression combined with a feeling of care firmly rooted in nordic nature.

The new identity is a nod to the actual practice of medical acupuncture. The logotype builds around a centered pressure point, and the free-flowing shapes are a link to the effect of acupuncture pain and tension relief, while the colors connect to HEGU's Nordic heritage.

The result is a newly defined category within the acupuncture world and a packaging concept, that HEGU will both expand and build upon.

Starting with a series of workshops with members from all parts of the KitchenTime team we identified a new direction for the brand. The task; increase the premium feel and make a stronger connection to the love for food and cooking their customers have.

Obviously, the most important platform for KitchenTime is their webshop. Therefore we created a design system to communicate their competitive prices and fast deliveries without seeming as messy or loud compared to other players in the field. Also, our pictures of day to day cooking situations were aimed to guide and inspire KitchenTime’s online store visitors.

Our work resulted in a complete re-design and re-positioning of the KitchenTime brand. Taking into consideration the complete customer journey, from first contact with the brand via social media or online marketing onto the online shopping experience and on to the unboxing and use of the purchased products. Consistent, clear, coherent – added a bit of flavour – and easy to recognise.

DESIGN S – SWEDISH DESIGN AWARDS is Swedens most prestigious design competition that spans over all types of design fields, from architecture, to handcrafts via fashion and digital design. The competition is arranged annually by Svensk Form, the worlds oldest organisation promoting crafts and design.

For this years identity, our concept circled around where design is created, starting out by visiting studios, workshops, and offices where award winning projects are conceived and developed. This manifested itself in our design of the catalog, social media campaign and award ceremony, as well as in the award itself - a shiny, polished aluminium S, cast in 3D-printed sand molds.

Artby takes the position of being Scandinavia's first arthouse. They claim a unique perspective on the arts market by providing a platform for and distributing the work of emerging artists. High quality prints are mainly sold through their web shop, while the production and flagship space are located in Umeå.

The toned down colour palette and the seamless navigation slow down the pace of the website and reflect the experience of being in a gallery space. Together with Artby we decided to build the identity around a strong and easily recognisable symbol. The animated Eye (or A) adds energy and is a reference both to Artby as a company constantly looking for new talent, but also mirrors on the user, viewing the artworks.

The IT consultancy Norteam operates in a highly crowded market, which makes it important to clearly set them and their offering apart from their competition. Our first workshop helped Norteam distill their unique offering and boil it down to one sentence, which soon became a core element in their identity and communication.

The homepage was built to quickly communicate their offering and make it easy for their clients to get in touch. Our photos of a regular day at their office added a personal touch to the experience.

In order for Norteam to quickly seal their deals with clients, we also designed a new proposal template, which they could easily continue to work with themselves. Clear and simple communication, while still keeping an upscale feel were also our guiding principles.